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The Philadelphia Story

Good Lord! Tracy Lord's getting married again! And look who's here to bust up the wedding!

Katharine Hepburn finds herself up to her long neck in man trouble when former Husband Cary Grant hires reporters Jimmy Stewart and Ruth Hussey to cover her society wedding for Spy magazine in George Cukor's hilarious The Philadelphia Story.

This was the great part of Hepburn's career and the role that saved it. Having been labeled "box office poison", she retaliated with the help of her then boyfriend, Howard Hughes, by buying the screen rights to Phillip Barry's hit Broadway comedy, which she'd starred in and selling herself and the property to MGM, making a killing. She also had casting approval and when Gable and Tracy weren't available, chose Grant and Stewart, who subsequently picked up his only Oscar as Best Actor for his efforts. It's smooth, fast paced, witty and handled by a group of seasoned pros with all the MGM glamor the studio could muster. The Philadelphia Story proves unequivocally that indeed, they don't make 'em like that anymore!

Steve Hayes

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Here at ka-os|theory, Steve Hayes is regarded as a legend. He's opened up a whole world of cinematic pleasure, and fired up my appreciation of film. His enthusiasm is infectious, electrifying, and unfailingly on point. The films he recommends are always worth seeing, and several have become firm favourites. If you have even a passing interest in movies, watch a couple of reviews. They're fun, funny, and you'll be intrigued. As he says, "Trust the tired old movie queen, this is terrific!"


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