In the end, winning is the only safety


From top to bottom:
1. Model Ashtyn Long, lensed by Justin Monroe

2. A London bus, post-collision, in 2008

3. Sexual health advert by Gay Men's Health Crisis

4. Blackstreet - Finally (1999). 1 World Trade Center
and 2 World Trade Center feature
prominently in the background

5. A busker plays in the World Trade Center on
31st December 1986. Photo © Michael Cinque

6. Lenny Kravitz

7. Daleks Mind The Gap, by Garçon Stupide (2009)

8. Kidd and Dream perform in a scene from
Chocolate Cream feature Ho Tail.

9. Blake's 7, cast shot. The dystopian BBC
science-fiction drama ran from 1978-81

10. Giant electric shoe by Dutch designers Freedon of Creation

Title quote: "In the end, winning is the only safety." Blake's 7, dialogue, by Chris Boucher.


Bisi Alimi said...

I love the poster on we are about respect, and I will be looking into soing something close.

Eric Arvin said...

That first photo is insane!

Curious said...

I'm going to assume the bridge has been there some time now, so what could have been the bus driver's excuse?

Forbidden Light said...

I LOVVVED that first picture...That's how I feel at this moment...Getting groomed and rearranged towards "perfection?...

thegayte-keeper said...

LOVE this part of your blog!

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