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Think you know your gay slang? Here's 10 for you to try out on friends, family and colleagues!

  abareskin adj. [1960s] (US camp gay) embarassing [joc. mispron. and ref. to bare skin]

baby crockett n. [1970s] (camp gay) a fake cowboy [proper name of Davy Crockett (1786-1836), the 19C Western hero, whose adventures were fictionalized in the 1950s US TV series]

cafeteria n. [1980s+] (US gay) anywhere that plays host to repeated oral sex, e.g. a public lavatory or bath-house. [one goes there to eat]

daisy chain n. 1 [1940s+] a spintry, i.e. a circle of three or more people, hetero- or homosexual, all linked physically in mutual sex acts; thus daisy-chainer, one who participates in such activities. 2 [1990s] (US campus) the connection between people who have had sex with the same person at different times.

easter queen n. [1960s+] (US gay) one who ejaculates prematurely [i.e. he comes quick as a rabbit']

fan one's ass, to phr. [1960s+] (US Black) to move one's buttocks in an exaggerated manner with the deliberate intention of attracting one's audience sexually, usu. of homosexuals.

gayola n. 1. [1960s+] (US Und.) pay-offs and bribes made to police to permit running of gay clubs. 2 [1980s+] (US) a homosexual man.

half a man n. [1970s+] (US Black) a passive homosexual.

icing expert n. [1960s+] (gay) a fellator.

Jewish by hospitalization phr. [1950s+] (gay) circumcised but not Jewish.

Shamelessly lifted from Cassell's Dictionary of Slang, by Jonathon Green


thegayte-keeper said...

Learn something new today...

Dusty Boot said...

what on earth... lol!!!

Forbidden Light said...

Hmmm, icing expert...I will now consider myself an icing master! LOL

Forbidden Light said...

Also, where in tarnations did you get that photo? I LOVE historical pornography!

Garçon Stupide said...

Forbidden - that's just a photo from my family album ;)

Eduardo Guize said...

maybe you should start a Word of the Day section...

Garçon Stupide said...

Eduardo - this is a regular feature. We'll continue with the letters k to t at a later date.

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