The Scatman died. Who knew?

I didn't, and I loved his records. He brought a little joy to the world.

I heard that La Bouche's Melanie Thornton
had died, years after the event. These little pieces of recent pop culture history break away, diminishing piece by piece... Things that were taken for granted and seemed somehow important to our younger selves, just fading away. Scatman John, Melanie Thornton, Lynden David Hall... The world moves on, and all anyone remembers is Michael Jackson.

Well, I remember you, Mister Scatman. You made me smile. You still do.

Belatedly, but no less heartfelt: thank you, sir.


Boy Uninterrupted said...

lovin the new festive theme!

Eduardo Guize said...

Damn, the Scatman song is such a classic and I had never seen the video! RIP Scatman.

Sanya said...

I could have told you this if I'd known you liked the Scatman.

Although, ever since beginning my sexual education, I find it hard not to snigger at the name...

Garçon Stupide said...

Sanya - I'll make a list of all the artists I like, and we can run through it together next time I see you, putting a line through the names of people you know to have passed on.

Anyway - you're too young to know Scatman, surely?

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