THERE'S A POINT in this trailer for AMC's re-imagining of The Prisoner where two completely unrelated, iconic images come together.

At 3:42, the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center loom into view, as Rover menaces the titular lead in the series.

It's a truly unsettling - not to mention bizarre - image.

What's the point in remaking a series like The Prisoner? A product of its time, genuinely unique in television history, et cetera, et cetera. But apparently it isn't a remake anyway, but a response to the original...

There's already a lot to dislike about this remake. There's a nondescript American playing the protagonist. And it looks like they're intent on explaining things, spelling things out, because modern audiences are all thick.

That's one thing the original set out to achieve - to make people think for themselves.

But hey-ho, one mustn't grumble. All-in-all this looks like a watchable yarn. And it's got Ian McKellen in it.

After the jump, trailers from the proper original series...


Urban Shotz said...

I actually like the look of this - I watched the trailer just after watching a rerun of an original episode and it was good to spot the references to McGoohan's version. What with this and the new version of V, could be an interesting autumn... BTW check out Radio 7's Burkiss Way on the BBC iPlayer for a parody of Blake's 7 in this week's episode.

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