OH YES, BOYS and girls, we plough on with LENSED, our largely pointless and utterly titillating celebration of male flesh.

Today's pixellated collection of XY chromosomes calls herself Toks Adewetan. I was once in a class with someone called Toks, and a very nice lad he was too. The pictures contained herein, however, are of a different Toks altogether; in fact, I don't know why I mentioned my Toks of 5 years ago. Let's put it down to the liquor and move on.

On her MySpace, Toks says "I'm 6'0 feet tall, dark skinned with brown eyes. Nigerian even tho i dont look like it."

Well love, you don't look unlike any of the Nigerians I know. That's probably 'cos they all look different. 'Cos, like, they're all different people. A word to the wise sweetheart, you're not Nigerian, you're African-American (and it shows), and most African-Americans know pretty much f**k all about real Africans (and you're single-handedly proving it).

That's not my own humble opinion (although I've been convinced of the argument), it's the opinion of the Genuine 100% African with whom your correspondent resides. Said African teaches psychology and sociology.

But let's not get all political and hot under the collar, kids, LENSED is about sex and muscle and lips and tits... These controversies! Toks is a lovely model and we wish her... er, him, all the best.

Boy, this wine's good...


elsewhere...Prince Ade (Official MySpace)


Dusty Boot said...

he looks familiar but I don't exactly remember where. hrm.

And here's an interesting article for you that I read a few days ago:

Sanya in España said...

Here's a genuine 100% Nigerian (albeit seriously expatriated twice over) expressing his opinion.

He doesn't look Nigerian because Nigerians tend to bleat on about how Nigerian they are. He still can't resist the temptation of mentioning it, proving he truly is Nigerian, but unless we have the name of a tribe, he doesn't give a shit. Nor should he. No-one outside of Nigeria does.

By the way, thanks for putting some words in this one. I was beginning to think it was a shameless conceit for showing pictures of hot men on your website...

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