ONE OF THE redeeming features of my day job is the free rein it gives me to people watch.

And whilst it's fairly common to see actors, singers and other public figures, the real thrill comes with spotting porn models.

A year or two ago I spotted Bel Ami model Tim Hamilton (above left) twice in one day, and was sadly unable to stop myself gaping shamelessly at the porn royalty.

More recently, I've spied Machofucker model Jiggy Mann (right) a few times, once parading around with his shirt off. He even caught me staring and gave a friendly nod (he's really a pussycat off camera).

On Monday, a gym-pumped white boy asked directions to Wimbledon. As cute as he was, I was more distracted by the vaguely familiar black guy hovering in the background, but it didn't click until they'd gone that it was Markus Ram (below), star of the sizzling Black Balled 6. He's also worked for heavyweights like Falcon and Titan.

It's particularly surreal seeing porn models out in the real world - and especially so when it's one's workplace - when you've watched (and, ahem, "enjoyed") them on film.

Shame I didn't recognise Mr. Ram sooner. It would have been a pleasure to show him some real London hospitality...

ELSEWHERE - Markus Ram (Official MySpace)


Curious said...

Can't let it go. Day job, what day job lets you oogle porn stars on what seems to be a regular basis?

Garçon Stupide said...

Your correspondent is employed by a well known urban mass transit operator in the precise centre of London.

Dusty Boot said...

That's neat.

thegayte-keeper said...

Can we hear about your day job events please?

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