Mummy and Daddy Don't Love Each Other Anymore

Damn it to high hell and back! It looks like the Ultimate Gay Couple of Argentina really have gone their separate ways. No more barebacking scenes for them, then.

I first suspected that gay porn couple Daniel Marvin and Pedro Andreas (I was never entirely sure which one was which) had split when their cute blog, featuring their dogs (who got custody?) and their sexy body builder friends (which one was the home wrecker?), was wiped clean.

My suspicions deepened when both parties started appearing in scenes with Other Men, and not together. Now, Gay Porn Blog has confirmed the dissolution of the royal marriage, publishing pictures of the one who I thought was Pedro, but who's actually Daniel, with his new beau, Juan.

F**king home wrecking bitch.


thegayte-keeper said...

does the new couple have the same chemistry?

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