"You don't take a photograph. You ask, quietly, to borrow it..."


I can always smell them on me, after.
The musty, musky midnight husk
Of shame wraps round me.

Invisible. Impenetrable.

From the inside out
I scream.

I never notice during, though,
As if the lust and end result
Were better not discussed

'Til later. And still

From the inside out
I scream.

It's not enough to wind, to grind,
To pull and push and cup and suck.
There must be more, surely?

And so, when done,

From the inside out
I scream.

"That's him!" He'll do. For now. But no.
My mind, always unsure, will tell.
And then I'm back to One.

Just me; just me.

From the inside out
I scream.

Words: "Untitled", a poem by writer and actor Stefan Adegbola.
Images: Rykard, lensed by Urban Shotz Photography.


Urban Shotz Photography

Sanya in España


Urban Shotz said...

I knew that you would like those photos!

ka-os said...

So where are my exclusives?!!

Grant said...

His Chest is crazy defined, impressive.
I like everything except the socks :/
sorry I didnt pay much attention to the copy, But its hard when u use imagery like that.

I like your new K-Os Title Card, I like it but I dont get it, I am bout to get me a Crem egg though.

Wonder Man said...

nice pics, love his hair

thegayte-keeper said...

the words certainly match the picture...YUM!

Sanya in España said...

Two words: Royalty Payments!

Expect a letter from my solicitor. I'll see you in court...

taylorSiluwé ..... said...

I luv the EAT ME undies. Like I need to be told ...

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