HMM. I'VE NEVER been entirely sure about Torchwood.

It's been very, very good, and it's been very, very bad. I kind of gave up watching the first series, the first spin-off from the phenomenally successful re-launch of Doctor Who (rearrange the letters of Torchwood and what do you get?) in 2005.

Still I've stuck with it, and series two was a marked improvement, even though they killed off Naoko Mori's Toshiko. Anyone who's seen her performance in Absolutely Fabulous as Saffy's crazed friend will also be in her thrall. Why didn't they get rid of the tedious Gwen (Eve Myles) instead?

This year, Torchwood isn't a series. Like it's parent show, it's been cut down, and will go out as a miniseries over five consecutive nights.

"Torchwood: Children of Earth re-joins Captain Jack (John Barrowman), Gwen Cooper (Eve Myles) and Ianto Jones (Gareth David-Lloyd) who are still coming to terms with the death of two of their closest friends. Despite their pain, they have a job to do. This time they are faced with their fiercest threat to date - one which throws the future of Torchwood and the entire human race spiralling into danger. They battle against the odds but do they stand a chance of saving mankind?"

I'd hazard a guess that they probably do stand a chance. They're not going to cock it up, are they? Like, duh. And by the way, BBC-global-juggernaut, you might wanna fire the tech person, 'cos Torchwood: Children of Earth should be Torchwood: Children of Earth. Innit.

Torchwood will be on the box soon. The trailer (which is pretty darn exciting) is here.


Wonder Man said...

It's pretty good

ka-os said...

High praise indeed... lol

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