St Valentine Is A Fraud!

YOU LOT IS SO 'fick, innit. It ain't even about St. Valentine though, you get me. The Roman Catholic Church - who along with Boy Cum Party are the biggest advocates of bareback sex - wants you all to know that St. Raphael (phwoar! Sounds well buff) is the patron saint for happy encounters. St. Valentine is actually the patron saint for those of us who're already shackled to a ball and chain. So no use praying to him. Get on your knees for St Raphael instead. The Catholic Enquiry Office (this boy here is a regular, believe) says: "Saint Valentine passed a note to his jailer's daughter, whose sight he is thought to have cured. The note had no romantic content, but it's from this story that the tradition of sending notes of appreciation has come from. If tomorrow you are still looking for your soul mate, the actual patron saint is St Raphael. He's the person you should dedicate your day or pray to if you are looking for Mr or Mrs right."
Elsewhere: St Valentine 'Not Saint Of Love'


taylorSiluwé ..... said...

So fick innit? Ohhh, I love it when you talk all British [I literally got warm when I read that].

I was tossing back a few in NYC last night with a fellow blogger [and misanthrope in training] Automatic Prince -- we spent the evening dissing, among other things, V-day and the lemmings who follow it to the Hallmark store.

With the economy on life support, can anyone explain why there was a huge line to get into one of the exclusive chocolate shops in NYC, so long that they actually had a security guard?

Just what wide-ass Americans need, a day dedicated to eating expensive chocolates. *sigh*

Now if I could show up on your doorstep with chocolates and silk boxers, I'd gladly be a lemming.

** Oh, since I know you hate PINK, that's what color the boxers would be. ;-) **

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