Sing, Don't Talk

THE AMERICANITES HAVE their own openly gay, black singer?

It's news to me, and I know about Rahsaan Patterson. I've got some of his CDs. And he's been out since 2007? Gosh.

Did any of you lot know this?

Rod 2.0 has an interesting article about a new interview with the artist, the content of which would suggest that someone needs to shove a mic in the geezer's gob. He ain't representing, so here's a word to the wise: DON'T.

You ain't helping.

Now go away and sing.

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Pharaoh said...

Rahsaan is obviously gay, just watch him perform live. Great show, but his inner queen comes out on stage.

But I don't know if he is OPENLY gay...I don't think he discusses or anything....but then again does it mater, I loved him musically from his first CD, and I just love his most recent "Wine and Spirits."

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