Pet Shop Boys + Ballet

BALLET IS THE Bermuda triangle to me.

It's a cultural blindspot. I don't get it. I can't find something to hook on to.


Carlos Acosta. Dear God almighty. 100% Cuban beef. Oh oh oh.

Anyway, this story was provoked by the news that ka-os blog favourites the Pet Shop Boys are developing a ballet based on a Hans Christian Andersen story. That sentence makes my Shiraz-sozzled brain do somersaults. Is it real? Did I write it?

Yes, 'cos it's written down over at Digital Spy, too.

It's supposed to open in 2011 and will feature strings and electronics, which can only be a good thing. "It's got a story, it's like a Tchaikovsky ballet in that it's based on a story by Hans Christian Andersen but we've got the choreographer sorted out now," says Pet Shop Boy Neil Tennant.

And if it has Carlos Acosta in it I'll collapse in on myself and be sucked into a black hole. (I took this photo at Charing Cross station a couple of years ago).

Elsewhere - Pet Shop Boys working on ballet


Wonder Man said...

He's very....talented

Sanya in España said...

I love ballet - unfortunately, like the opera, it's turned into this elitist "event" which costs too much (very little of that money goes to the performers and artists, by the way; it's mostly sucked up by promotion and the entrepreneurs).

Oh, the arts: it produces such beauty...

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