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LENSED: Carlos Arias

THE PHOTOGRAPHY OF Carlos Arias. And oh boy, has he got some pictures for you... On a completely different note, me and my bff Ricardo are planning a jolly to Berlin in March. I can't bear flying but I haven't left the country since I arrived in 2002, and rarely been out of London. Ricardo wanted to go to Paris, but since that's just a train journey it doesn't count as leaving the country, and as I pointed out to him, it's just London with French people. I'm not sure I like the French either. I love French cinema. And croissants. And the French children a few doors down playing in the street is nice, their French voices are cute background noise. Ricardo assures me Berlin is a cool place to visit, but I'm not sure about Germans either. Aren't they even more miserable than Londoners? And what do they eat there? If worst comes to worst I suppose there'll be default international cuisine (Chinese or Italian). It's a small world, my New York ex has just left Berlin where he was doing Moulin Rouge. I haven't seen him since he sent me packing from Manhattan. Can anyone shed light on Berlin?
(Yes, that is one half of the infamous Goffney twins in the mirrorball snap. Oh boy). Previously - Goffney Twins Sentenced.


Mike said...

"but I'm not sure about Germans either. Aren't they even more miserable than Londoners? And what do they eat there?"

Pleez these are all irrational comments/questions.

People are people EVERYWHERE in the world. Its the LEARNED cultural stuff that "appears" to make us different. When you get there grab a beer, smile, and you'll have a great time.

ka-os said...

Mike, it's tongue in cheek. I don't think all Germans are miserable, and I'm not actually ignorant of German cuisine... I'm disturbed that I have to clarify that.

Mike said...

Oops, I'm new to your blog.

The Brit-French-German thingy is Euro humour, innit?

ka-os said...

LOL... ka-os strongly approves of your usage of "innit".

It isn't Euro humour (is there such a thing?) it's just a sypmtom of my misanthropy. I just can't really stand anyone, apart from the Japanese.

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