The Last Ever Pic'n'Mix

HOLD THE FRONT page and sell your grandma. The last bag of Woolworths pic'n'mix is being auctioned on eBay. Deloitte, Woolworths' administrators, have officially certified the bag of sweets as the last one. "The Pic N Mix bag contains the usual favourites: fizzy cola bottles, rhubarb & custards, strawberry bon bons, turkish delight, white mice, pineapple cubes, and many many more... 800g of delicious nostalgia!" With 20 hours to go on the listing, the auction has attracted 70 bids, raising the price to over £360.00. Proceeds go to charity.


metroboi said...

But Woolworths is saved! horray!! It's just get grandma to pose for the camera i guess! lol

ka-os said...

Online. Meh!

Although funnily enough I never went into Woolworths, except once in about 2003 at Christmas, in Brixton. The shop assistant was a total cow.

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