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So There Are Some Perks To Being King, Then

REASONS WHY WE love The Tudors: 1). Sexy men being naughty. 2). Jonathan Rhys-Meyers. 3). Mad bad dames (or rather, damsels). 4). Man on man action. 5). Jonathan Rhys-Meyers. 6). Big swords. 7). Peter O'Toole's Pope. 9). How everyone's Irish and pretending they're not. 10). Jonathan Rhys-Meyers taking his clothes off. That just about covers it. And this new advert for the forthcoming season three, with King Henry VIII sitting atop a throne of naked hunks, hasn't exactly dampened my enthusiasm... Picture: Towleroad


thegayte-keeper said...

yeah this show does rock!!!

Sanya in España said...

I can't tell you how many historians this programme has irritated.

And since when was there man-on-man action in it?!

ka-os said...

I can imagine. It's pure fluff. But such good fun! And there's been a few gay storylines, complete with kissing. I'm not talking about full-blown penetration!

Wonder Man said...

that's cute

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