THERE'S SOME THINGS in life you can never have too much of, and Marcus Patrick is one of them. I urge Patrick-Ian Polk to cast him in any future Noah's Arc.

Gregory Prescott has lensed Patrick; much more of his exceptional work can be found at BeautifulMag. Marcus Patrick can be found here.


Wonder Man said...

He is so beautiful...wow

ka-os said...

Did you ever see his appearance in My Wife And Kids, playing a gay character? WOW! Red swimming trunks... lol

Moanerplicity said...

One of Life's Natural Wonders, no doubt. But I wouldn't count on the Noah's thing. I tried to get him interested in reading my book, explaining that he'd be perfect to portray Face Depina should a film be made. He hollered back w/ a friendly reply, that he would read the script, BUT 'I've done enough ass-fuck roles'.

Oh well.


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