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Another Day At The Office

"I DON'T BELIEVE that suicide is a sustainable business practice. I think that Baader Meinhof went away, the IRA went away, this will go away." Er, what? WHAT? Those are the words of the American Managing Director of London Underground, Tim O'Toole. He was addressing the Home Affairs Committee. Now, I can sort of see what he's saying, but really, only an American (and really, I love Americans) could use the phrase "sustainable business practice" in relation to terrorism. Dubya probably would have said something like it too, except the word sustainable isn't in his vocabulary. If he'd been fed the words, he'd have ended up saying something like "suspect business practice, ya'all." The full story is here.


Mike said...

This has nothing to do with this post, but I love your profile pic. This is the text of an email I sent a friend last week about the conflict in the Middle East

If there is one thing I could change about the world. It would to eliminate ALL religions. Religions are bad. Without religion there wouldn't be fighting in the Middle East. Plus it was the religious fundamentalist that elected and supported Bush over the past 8 years. Without the support of the religious fundamentalist, he would never have been elected.

I was so glad that Obama included "nonbelievers" in his speech yesterday. It was definitely a FIRST, but I don't think it will be the last time. Religion just seems to be so judgement, oppressive, and divisive. In the U.S. where religion still plays a huge part, nonbelievers are becoming a great percentage of the population. Religion, especially the monotheistic religions, offer a good myth, but it seems a bit dated.

ka-os said...

Thank you Mike - and if you Google "Imagine No Religion" in images you'll find dozens of variations on theme. I don't know who came up with it originally, but it's a hugely powerful image.

I don't know if I'm opposed to all religions as such - Buddhism seems like a positive force, being largely devoid of misogyny and homophobia...

Sanya in España said...

Terrorism is big business, for governments. Look how much they spend on making their own people afraid, as a means of control. What's the difference between a preist saying: "do what I say, or go to hell", and a politician saying: "do what I say, or they'll come and get us"...?

Mike said...

ka-os: From my understanding Buddhism isn't really a "religion" but "a way of life", at least that's what I've been told by a few Buddhist. I also thought that's why Obama, in his in inaugural address, said we are a "nation of Christian, Muslims, Jews, and Hindus and non-believers" and didn't include Buddhist. But I could be wrong.

Sanya in España: Yes, without a doubt FEAR is a lot stronger emotion than LOVE, unfortunately. Both Religions and Government prey on FEAR, again unfortunately.

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