Islam Is Never To Blame, Is It?

This picture is one of a series of 35 at The other 34 in The Big Picture series are no less harrowing.

"Islam is incompatible with democracy and freedom. Islam and democracy are in the opposite sides of the spectrum... Islam is anti-democracy... And let us not be deceived - Islam is not a religion of peace. Citizens... must be vigilant in understanding the imminent threat of Islam to their culture and on their own soil. The threat of Islam is real." Amil Imani Islam: The greatest threat to Western Civilization and Christianity is a must-read article at Islam Watch, written by Amil Imani, "an Iranian born, pro-democracy activist who resides in the United States of America. He is a poet, writer, literary translator, novelist and an essayist." I'm not concerned about the threat to Christianity - I'm opposed to that to - but there can be no doubt that this barbaric, medieval cult is eroding progressive, liberal civilisation.

Islamic extremism accounts for a quarter of all terrorism fatalities worldwide, according to statistics gathered in 2006 by the National Counterterrorism Center of the United States. For a majority of the overall fatalities, Islamic extremism was responsible. A catalogue of Islamic terror attacks can be found here. Expect to see more stories from Islam Watch - Telling The Truth About Islam (Islam Under Scrutiny By Ex-Muslims) at the ka-os blog.

September 11 2001: World Trade Center, "The Falling Man."

July 7 2005: A bombed London Underground car.

July 7 2005: A bombed Transport for London bus.


taylorSiluwé ..... said...

I almost don't know what to say about those pics.

Yeah, RADICAL Islam is evil. There is no doubt.

But here in America we've got RADICAL Christians who don't see the irony in saving unborn babies by blowing up abortion clinics or assassinating abortion doctors.

Religion itself makes people feel they've got a divine right to do these evil things. Does that make religion itself evil?

I believe so. We'd be a much happier society without it.

ns32 said...

Please do not generalize things. I for one am a muslim gay man. Islam is what defines me as well as the fact I am gay.
Islam is the religion of peace and tolerance, unfortunately some Muslims misinterpret islam. So islam is not to blame, if you must, blame some of the Muslims. As much as other wrongdoers whatever their religion may be.

kaos said...

ns32 - You're right, of course, and I've evolved on this issue since then, particularly after reading the books of Sulayman X.

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