Simon Webbe

Simon, Simon, Simon... The simple fact of the matter is that Simon Webbe is Sex personified. Forget your American dime-a-dozen imports, your Jensen Attwoods, your Tyson Beckfords, your Wilson Cruzs. Simon Webbe is all you need. The man is the definition of Sex. Not sex, Sex. What the hell, SEX. SEX! He also doesn't mind having his butt groped my male fans. Handy information to have. Sadly though, there doesn't seem to be much doubt that Mister Webbe is a Heterosexual (let's hope it's just a phase). On the other hand, during a late night, alcohol-fuelled troll of YouTube, I happened across the video for Guilty, which includes the following lyrics from Simon and (or is it to) bandmate Lee: Simon: I never wanted just to be the other guy Lee: (Be the other guy) Simon: I never wanted to live a lie Oh er, missus... It's at about 1.38 in the video (below). Have a peek. Check out the look they share as they breathe the words "be the other guy" to each other... Now, let's have it right, kids, I'm not accusing Simon & Lee of a hot, sexy, down-low romance during their time in Blue. All I'm saying is that we should float our fantasies on the sea of imagination, and *sigh*. Finished? Jolly good. You can draw your own conclusions. Simon's third studio album, apparently called Run, is rumoured to come out this year. He's also said to be in talks to appear in the next series of the high-brow sociology experiment I'm A Celebrity... Well, let's hope he loses most of his clothes out there in the jungle.


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