James Fauntleroy

Don't you just hate it when you hear a song, and think it's the best thing since Roman Heart recorded a scene with Pedro Andreas & Daniel Marvin, only to later discover the song is by someone you loathe? Doesn't it make you feel dirty, guilty and sinful? Or is that just me coming over all Catholic?

It isn't all D'Angelo and Carl Craig here at the ka-os blog, we like our throwaway I-wouldn't-admit-it-to-discerning-friends tunes too. Like that Chris Brown record featuring some yawnsome Christian-right hate-puppet. What's-her-face, the one who won American Pop Idol On Ice? You know who I mean, don't make me say it.

Anyway, if you liked the Chris Brown record No Air, but wished that it didn't feature a conservative, fundamentalist monster singing on it, you can download a demo of said tune, every bit as good as the Chris Brown version, by the very brilliant James Fauntleroy, sans Jordin-homosexuality-is-an-abomination-Sparks. Doh! I said it.

Sadly, I don't know how to put MP3s on blogger, and I've just drunk a bottle of Merlot Rose so I'm not going to invest my limited concentration into finding out. Maybe some kind soul will teach me. In the meantime, you can find the track here at BlakMusicFirst, as well as other delicious tunes by Mister Fauntleroy, Dontae, Atozzio, Sterling Simms and RL.


Perfectly Flawed said...

are u talking about ......



tdot said...

James is from the Underdogs...I love his voice man. He wrote another track for Chris and hes been doin a lot of demos with Timbaland of late...

check out this vid of him freestyling with Glenn Lewis on the keys


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