Wood Lane

Today I could have run with the latest on those persistent rumours surrounding Will Smith, the actor who gets sexier as he gets older, or some sort of post-mortem on my previous entry (not to mention an apology to those who spoke to me during my post-court alcoholic meltdown on Saturday night). Instead, we're going to be wholesome and jolly Londoncentric, with pictures of the new Wood Lane Underground station, the first new station to be built on an existing London Underground line in seventy years. And that's a jolly long time, kids. Wood Lane Underground station doesn't look like a Tube station. Well it does, but it calls to mind clubs, and certain saunas. Or is that just me. Ahem. See more here and here.


tdot said...

I like the station, its very sexy if you ask me.
Only thing is..on the platforms, there isn't any of those LED screens that tell you how long the train is going to take to arrive. Maybe they forgot, I dunno, but its pretty annoying.

In using that station I have come to learn what a waste of time the H&C line is...and as a result of this revelation I went back to using White City...heh

ka-os said...

I've heard that there's about 15 minutes between trains on the H&C, and when things go wrong (if a train gets cancelled) it obviously increases dramatically. Funny how Londoners think 15 minutes is a thoroughly unreasonable time to have to wait for a train.

I can't believe there aren't any TRAIN INDICATORS on platforms though. That's outrageous. I know at other tarted up stations like Ealing Common et cetera they've put them in, but they don't tel you how long it is until a train is coming, just where it's going, and that's only when it's a minute or so away from arriving.

So, TDot, are you saying TfL have wasted all that money building that place just for you to go back to White City? The cheek! All BBC staff should be herded towards Wood Lane with cattle prods.

tdot said...

Hahah, I don't expect to be waiting more than 3 minutes for a train in rush hour, and the H&C made me wait 8! On top of that the announcer kept saying there is a good service on the line..*frowns*

But the station is nice I probably will use it more when Westfield opens on Thursday!

ka-os said...

8 whole minutes?! Surely not! Outrageous! That must be as long as... well, three whole radio edits.

In all seriousness though, the announcer was correct. If the service is operating according to timetable, it IS a good service. And 8 minutes IS to timetable on the H&C. Of course, on the Northern Line, or Victoria Line it's more like 2 or 3... ;)

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