Breion Diamond And A Fan

Oops, that headline should have read "John Legend And A Fan" - but who's to say which one is the fan? Who's the hostage and who's the terrorist?

Have I entered some weird parallel universe in which mainstream, top drawer R&B stars publicly fraternise with top drawer (in more ways than one) gay erotic artistes? Is this real? It can't be. What next - Tom Cruise turning up at a Matthew Rush signing? Will Smith and Tiger Tyson... no, never mind, that's a completely different train of thought.

Here at the ka-os blog, we have a very deep affection for Breion Diamond. His seduction of Shorty J atop a ladder is a classic cinematic moment... (sigh). The Diamond kid has his own blog, which is worth checking out, and you can see plenty more of him here.


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