You Don't Wanna Be Gay. Here

Pictured: Gareth Henry, a gay Jamaican man, is surrounded by an angry mob in St. Andrew, Jamaica. The mob was led by police. Story here.

You mostly likely think you have it tough living in the ominous shadow of hostile heterosexuals - fearful of kissing in public or even holding handing - but if you're caught out, you probably won't be whipped to death by the state.

That is, unless you live in certain dark corners of the world; The Independant, the newspaper widely thought of as an antidote to The Daily Mail, tells us the five worst places to live if you happen to like kissing boys (and you're also a boy. Obviously). There's no real surprises, they're all medieval Islamic hell holes (well, they hate us, so I'm going to be a bit childish and throw sticks'n'stones - a bit of stone throwing goes down well in the Arab world too, so I'm told).

Whilst not currently under the rule of Sharia law, Jamaica is the fifth bastion of anti-battyman sentiment, which is a shame, because with all that flamboyance it's a waste - not too mention the fact that lads there carry a lot of weight. And if you don't believe me check out

Happily, The Independant also has the ten best places to live if you're gay. I was staggered to learn that London, New York, Paris and (gasp!) San Francisco are considered good places to end up in a man sandwich. So's Berlin, which I wouldn't have necessarily guessed, but then I'm ignorant.

Both articles are worth a read - so click here if you want to be on the receiving end of a Muslim maniac with a whip, or here if feel like blowing an eighteen year old in the street in front of his tolerant mama.


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