Tyson Beckford

As easy as it would be, I'd hate for my blog to become yet another photo blog. There's plenty of them out there doing a jolly good job of it; you can find my personal favourites in the links sidebar, but props to So Slowly, Sexy Black Dudes, Black Beauty Prince, and everyone's secret crush, BeautifulMag. However, just occasionally, it might be okay to throw up a snapshot that just cries out for as wide an audience as possible. To make it sound like displaying other people's photos on my blog (for which I've no responsibility whatsoever) is somehow worthy or meaningful, I'm going to call this occasional series "In Pictures" (and yes I stole the name from the BBC, but since I pay for them, they can kiss my Irish a**). Giving names to things is a good way of making them mean something, like Weapons of Mass Destruction, or Credit Crunch. So to start us off, here's our first In Pictures, and the picture is of everyone's favourite "I Wish He Was My Boyfriend's Daddy" (or is that just me?), Tyson Beckford. The manikin was pictured at this year's London Fashion Week. And no, I don't know why his flies are undone.


xxxfuckxxx said...

haha your such a G, i bet you watch make me a supermodel becuz of tyson hehe

ka-os said...

No I don't as it happens, I saw him on the American I'm A Celeb and he's like a lump of wood.

Sel said...

R u sure that you want Tyson Beckford to be your boyfriend baby Daddy or do you want Tyson Beckford to be your baby daddy? I only ask cuz, I'm pregnant with Tyson's baby and I'm prepared to beat down someone claiming he's theirs. How did you say it..."I wish he was my boyfriend's daddy"...well that's not so bad but Tyson is mine so long as we're clear on this.

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