LENSED: Manikins

Well, I don't know what they think they're wearing, but the models are yummytastic. Rod 2.0 has an exclusive preview of the latest from FLAUNT clothes catalogue (er, I mean, "fashion bible") which features some vacant-looking pretty boys dressed up in scary rags for money. See: here she is again, wearing some different clothes. And here. And here! What a lark! Stop sniggering, it's all very serious. This is fashion, dammit. The lads are well known names - Salieu Jalloh, Marcus Lloyd and Shawn Sutton - or they are if you know your Chad Whites from your Wendell Lissimores. And if you don't know them from Adam, it's probably because you have more important things to be getting on with. Lucky you.


corvedacosta said...

Love the shoot...hot guys

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