Shirts & Skins

Oh my gosh! Black gays and white gays and Latino gays in a TV show together. In shocking news sure to rock the foundations of gay media, Logo series Shirts & Skins is waving two fingers at this self-imposed apartied. From Queer As Folk to Noah's Arc we're only ever black or white, and never the twain shall meet. Only the brilliant Metrosexuality embraced diversity, featuring characters that represent the true kaleidoscope of humanity - not just the insular Snow Whites and haughty Nubian princesses of Folk and Arc. Shirts & Skins isn't a groundbreaking drama though, it's a reality show. That probably means RAPID CUTS! Scripted talking heads - AND! Dramatic music smothering everything... This is American reality telly, after all. Here's what Logo have to say about it all: "Shirts & Skins follows the true-life story of the San Francisco Rockdogs, a young all-star basketball team who must reunite to uphold their city's three-generation legacy of international gay games gold medal, and national tournament wins. After their last gold in 2006, the team fell apart, only to be rallied back together by their founders to defend their title at the upcoming National Gay Basketball Championship in Chicago. When the Rockdogs join together as family, they win. So will this new generation of talented players be able to put aside their interpersonal differences, love lives, and late night rumbles in time to get their game on and bring home the championship?"


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