Thailand, School, Bathroom, Transvestite: You Try And Make A Headline Out Of That

At Kampang School in Thailand, around 200 of the school's 2,600 students apparently consider themselves transgender. The school's head honchos have responded by installing a transvestite bathroom.


"I'm so happy about this," says Vichai Sangsakul, a teenager at the school with pixie hair pulled back with a pink barrette. "It looks bad going to female restrooms. What would other people think?"

You said it, girlfriend, we've all been there.

Rural Thailand is said to be conservative in many ways, but there's a heartening tolerance for the country's transgender population - but then, Buddhism is central to Thai identity; the ghastly twin scourge of Christianity and Islam haven't yet infected the people.

From mainstream television to the department store shop floor, transgenders have staked their claim in the world - or, at least, in Thailand.

In a world where right-wing redneck Christian bigots spit hatred from mainstream platforms in the "free" US, and the British government seeks to humour medieval Islamic fruit cakes, it's good to hear about a toilet just for trannies in a Thai high school.

Maybe all is not lost for mankind.


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