Pigs And Polar Bears II

Those crazy folk up Iceland - what are they like, eh?
Not content with brutally slaughtering one lost, starving polar bear, Iceland's finest have only gone and shot up another of the beasts.

You may recall their last excuse was that they didn't have the right tranquilizer, so you might reasonably expect that they'd have it in place this time around.


Towleroad.com reports zoo spokesman Bengt Holst telling AFP: "The chief veterinarian from the Copenhagen zoo had been flown in late Tuesday to help. The police 'tried to get close to (the bear) with our vet, but they did not get close enough to shoot it with the anaesthetiser. Then the bear started running, so the police were frightened they would lose control. The bear could run very close to the populated area, so they decided to shoot it. It was a security problem."

A security problem. Uh huh.


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