Australian wants Afro-Caribbeans To Quit London

"Let them go if they don't like it here," says Australian James McGrath. Mayor Boris Johnson's aide was responding to the concerns put to him by respected black activist Marc Wadsworth that people from the Caribbean would leave London if right-wing Conservative Boris Johnson became Mayor.

Anyone surprised? I've already written about Boris Johnson's racist views, and knew it was only a matter of time before his administration's true colours became apparent. Last week Boris forced Rise, the anti-racism music festival, to drop its anti-racism message.

Former Mayor Ken Livingstone isn't surprised either, saying: "In the context of Boris Johnson's well known past comments, abandoning the central message of Rise as Europe's biggest anti-racist festival, and now this enforced resignation of his Deputy Chief of Staff, the real culture of the Johnson administration is becoming clear - one totally at odds with the needs of London as the most diverse city in the world."

Johnson has already set about dismantling Livingstone's diverse team at City Hall, steadily replacing women and ethnic minority appointees with a parade of white (and almost certainly straight) men. In several cases, Australian white men from a country where, was Wadsworth writes in his article, "Black people are the ‘Aboriginal’ indigenous nation who are stereotyped by the white colonisers as social security scrounging drunks."

It's a sorry day for London, but with Johnson and his redneck cronies at the helm, I predict many more to come. Watch this space.


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