Solider Boy Tell 'Em

The news is awash with stories of injustice being perpetrated against gays, like Gambian President Yahya Jammeh announcing that any gays caught in Gambia will have their heads lopped off, or the Christian registrar in London who's refused to perform same-sex civil partnerships and is taking Islington council to court.

Here at the ka-os blog we like our daily dose of injustice to come with a pretty face, so today, boys and girls, we're going to focus on the case of former Lance Corporal Chris Kenna, who claims the army booted him out after his wife outed him (hell hath no fury and all that...)

“Being gay has made no difference to my effectiveness as a soldier. When I completed the SAS course I was the proudest guy alive. To pull on the beret means you are the best part of the finest fighting force in the world,” our sexy soldier told the News of the World.

Army sources have denied pushing him out, claiming he wasn't suitable for "that line of work" - despite two years in the SAS with tours of Iraq under is belt (and a lot more besides, I bet).

“We can confirm that a Royal Signals soldier asked to leave the Army and was subsequently discharged,” say the MoD. “The Armed Forces regard sexual orientation as a private-life matter. The Armed Forces operates a policy of zero tolerance of harassment or discrimination.”


Tyler said...

But what prompted his wife to out him I wonder? I DON'T WANT CIVIL UNIONS!!!!!!! I WANT MARRIAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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