The Angels Of Edgware Road

The third anniversary of the 7/7 bombings is approaching, and Channel 4 will be screening two documentaries on the subject, 7/7: The Miracle of Carriage 346 and 7/7: The Angels of Edgware Road.

"There stories are not only incredibly powerful, but they also tell us something about human nature," Channel 4 say. "Bystander apathy does not always kick in, but here when it really mattered people risked their own lives to save strangers."

The events of 7/7 - and, of course, September 11th - are too often eclipsed by the subsequent political manoeuvrings; by the intrigue and the accusations and the self-aggrandising conspiracy theories. It's important to remember that people just like you and me - black, white, Christian, Muslim, atheist, gay and straight - were blown to pieces on their way to work, probably whilst doing nothing more than listening to an iPod or reading the newspaper.

Amidst the debate about Iraq and dossiers and oil, don't lose sight of that. We could be next.


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