Noah's Arc Movie - It's Official

It's been nearly a year since news broke that there wouldn't be a third season of Noah's Arc, but in the wake of that disappointing blow were rumours of a movie. There's finally been an official announcement from Logo, the cable channel behind Noah's Arc, with the film being green lit.

The script is penned by John R. Gordon, who was a co-writer on the television series, as well as author of the novels Black Butterflies, Skin Deep and Warriors & Outlaws. Gordon is also behind the stunning short film Souljah, about a "gay/transsexual African former child soldier refugee", and a soon-to-be-released autobiography of porn star Bobby Blake.

Whilst it's a shame that we won't see a full season of Ricky's high jinks, Noah's agonising, Alex's lunacy and Chance's marital dramas, at least we'll get some resolution to the second season's cliffhanger.

You can watch a special video announcement from delicious Darryl Stephens (Noah) and series creator Patrik-Ian Polk here.


Amar said...

"thas wassup! I can't wait To SEe IT...

"Noah, you in danga gurrr!""

QBaker said...

Hey I can't wait to see this. Do you know when it is going to come out?

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