We're All Going To Die

Photobucket That's the headline splashed across newspapers this week. Actually, that's not true - as usual, the Mainstream Media is more interested in irrelevant nonsense like politicians not declaring donations (yawn) and the Princess Diana inquest (shoot me please, I can't stand anymore). Who cares about the latest pandemic, eh? The potential pandemic is USA300, a strain of the MRSA bug (you know, the one the Mainstream Media loves to use to sling mud at politicians - "the Prime Minister isn't on his hands and knees scrubbing hospitals so taxpayers are dying" blah blah blah). The details are frightening. How does a flesh-eating form of pneumonia grab you? Tennis ball size lumps on the skin? Or fatal blood poisoning? That's what one in 588 people in the gay ghetto of Castro, San Francisco, are experiencing. USA300, you see, is said to be spreading in the gay community, and it's resistant to many antibiotics. It's spread through casual skin contact (and we all know the gays are partial to a bit of casual skin contact), with drug users and people involved in contact sport also at risk. Sound familiar? HIV come to mind at all? (HIV, in case you've forgotten, is that olden days disease that's been cured, which is why everyone is going bareback). But the Terrence Higgins Trust, had this to say: "This is not the new HIV. What we are seeing is the emergence of an infection that can be passed on through close skin to skin contact, including sex. It is worrying that one in ten of the American cases are resistant to antibiotics, but most cases are treatable." USA300 is a blessing for bible-bashing, God-fearing Americans. ChristianNewsWire (a site I visit daily, as you can imagine) sees the infection as confirmation that that geezer with a beard (he's called God, apparently) has it in for us bad, wicked Homosexuals. "Why won't the media make the common-sense connection between these frequent stories about (male) homosexual behavior and disease - and the notion that society should not celebrate homosexuality and bisexuality?" Society celebrating homosexuality? It'll be a cold day in hell.


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