Obama Doesn't Endorse Gay Icon

You probably don't realise this, but the American citizens of the USA are apparently going to be voting for a new emperor to rule the world in the not too distant future. To this end, The Best People In The World have been deliberating on who is going to lead the opposing factions - known to you and I, dear readers, as the Publicans and the Demonstrations.

Now, don't thank me yet for this invaluble lesson in US politics. Previously, the vacancy of American Emperor has only been open to middle-aged Aryan Men of the Republic of Texas, but for the 21st century, the competition has been opened up to (shock!) Women and (gasp!) Black Men. It seems that Black Women will not be allowed to enter the competition until 2050 (citation needed).

One of the candidates is someone called Barack Obama (the other one is someone called Hilary Clinton, no relation to previous Emperor of the World, Billy Jean Clinton). It had seemed to me that this Obama character might be the best candidate for Emperor of the World, despite the fact that when he opens his mouth he sounds exactly like all the other politicians, and he manhandles babies he doesn't know too (incidentally, in this day and age, isn't it a bit of a no-no for strange men to kiss your children?) And then I stumbled upon this apparently innocent morsel of news on the Jolly Good Blog Rod 2.0.

Have you all gone away and read it? Yes? Excellent! As you will have read, Mr. Obama thinks the Omar Little character in The Wire is a "great guy" - personally, I think Omar Little is a gay icon, one who should take his pistol and blow out the brains of Sad Trash like Kylie and Madonna, et cetera - but that's another story.

Why then does the story make me uneasy? Surely, as Mr. Rod 2.0 says, it's great to hear a presidential candidate embracing this Gay Icon? Well, yes, it is nice. But Mr. Obama destroys any positive to be gleaned from the story by uttering the words: "That’s not an endorsement."

Excuse me? What, precisely, doesn't Mr. Emperor-Elect endorse? The fact that Omar Little is a gun-totting criminal? Or is it the fact that Mr. Omar Little is a Homosexual? Let's not beat about the bush here kids, it's the latter. Obama can't be seen to endorse homosexuality. Nor does he have the balls to stand up and do so - even if he was so inclined, which I doubt.

Neither can any of the other candidates in this grotesque, all-about-the-dollar race for the White House. They're all, at best, horrible, middle-American, family-value hypocrites. None of them will stick their necks out and say it's okay to be gay. Not one of them are interested in protecting you, that solitary gay man amongst the herd of breeding livestock they call Families.

But Obama said it, "That’s not an endorsement." And he said it about an icon, a symbol of gay strength, gay individuality. And that makes me feel a little sick, and sad.


Richard said...

I think we all agree that politicians are the worst kind of spoke persons
they will never stick their necks out as you say.
Simply because their interest lies with the vote and general consensus.
It is the system that forces them to be as grey as it comes.
We all know that the usa is filled with middle-American, family-value hypocrites.
So any victory in the right way is a step forward to me.
although i cannot vote as a Dutchie in the us
i would be happy with a democrat first.
And then its a long way to gay rights, women's rights, social rights or immigrant rights
too many to mention.
But hey lets be honest a woman, who beat Guliani's ass in NYC
or an Obama who talks about Omar (Something impossible 10 years ago)
All good signs to me in the long way we all have to go
to that goal elevated people believe in.

Derik said...

I totally agree with Obama. So what if he is the black gay gun toting Robin Hood who walks the line between good and bad. From what I hear about this character, he is not a role model. I doubt you'd want your child to grow up to become just like him and Obama's lack of an endorsement probably has nothing to do with his orientation. It probably has more to do with the gun violence, "the robbing of drug dealers?" etc that this character does on the show. That runs contrary to what Obama talks about (since he is pro gun control) and I doubt any politican of any elk would openly endorse stealing, especially of drugs. Who knows what else this character has done? I think it's positive that Obama admits that's his favorite character. I think your being very picky about this. I don't know if you know how trival American politics can get. If he didn't say "this is not an endorsement", I can see Hillary or Edwards attacking him from the right on that issue and thousands of Americans not researching what he actually said and switch their vote. Yes, most of us are that stupid.

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