Luc et moi

Now for something completely different. Who cares about flesh-eating death plagues from hell when there's cute dolls to play with, eh? By gum, if I don't get a Tyson doll by the end of the year I might as well be dead. Two preferably, to make twins. Enough of my sordid doll fantasies, however. I happened to stumble across this very sweet and Heart Warming blog - Luc et moi - and it ought to put a smile on the face of even the most cynical Bitch From Hell. 'Luc And Me' is a photographic project that uses figurines (dolls, to you and me) to represent two fictitious characters and the bonds which link them. Awwww, bless. Oh, and they celebrate male beauty too, as Homosexuals are wont to do. The pictures are genuinely charming, and jolly well done. Go on, have a look. And expect to see my Tyson twins in some adventures of their own sometime soon... Photobucket


Oliver said...

'Luc Et Moi' makes me smile.. You put some solid work into your blog. Well done! Love it..

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