Doctor Who and EastEnders were the winners in this year's Christmas ratings wars, with the long-running series managing 12.2 million and 13.9 million viewers each.
For Doctor Who it was the series' highest ratings since 1979, and the largest audience since its revival in 2005, doubtless helped by legions of homosexuals tuning in to see Kylie 'acting' in a spoof of The Poseidon Adventure. The sand-grubber, bent on grabbing every last pink pound for her pension (which isn't far off) didn't detract too much from the festive edition of Who, and even managed to keep that ghastly Australian accent in check. What casual viewers didn't realise, however, was that it was all a con: the plot was a rip-off of a 1970s disaster movie, and the 'sailing ships in space' idea had already been done in the 1983 serial Enlightenment, whilst the stylised robot servants were a direct lift from the 1977 story The Robots of Death. It's been done before, and it's been done better.
In EastEnders the culmination of a year-long storyline, Max's affair with daughter-in-law Stacey, paid handsome dividends, and invoked memories of Christmas past - the series has a tradition of nightmare Christmas misery stretching back to Dirty Den serving divorce papers on Angie in 1986.
The Christmas top 10 was:
1. EastEnders (8pm, BBC One): 13.9 million
2. Doctor Who (6.50pm, BBCOne): 12.2 million, peak 13.8 million
3. EastEnders (6.20pm, BBC One): 11.6 million, peak 11.8 million
4. BBC News (6.05pm, BBC One): 10.4 million, peak 10.1 million
5. To The Manor Born (9.30pm, BBC One): 9.8 million, peak 10.1 million
6. Shrek 2 (4.40pm, BBC One): 9.1 million, peak 10.1 million
7. Coronation Street (8.30pm, ITV1): 8.9 million, peak 9.6 million
8. Strictly Come Dancing (8.30pm, BBC One): 8.3 million, peak 9.9 million
9. The Queen's Speech (3pm, BBC One & ITV1): 7.5 million
10. Finding Nemo (3.10pm, BBC One): 7.1 million, peak 8.3 million


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