Keeping Australia White

The Australian government has accused Africans of failing to integrate into Australian society. It also complains of groups of young African men drinking alcohol in parks at night.

This follows on from the revelation that the Australian government has cut the number of Africans in its refugee intake from 70 per cent four years ago, to 30 per cent.

Now, who said the White Australia policy was dead and buried?

The government blames Africans for not integrating, but having had the misfortune to live in Australia, I'd put money on the real problem being Australians (most of whom are white) not accepting the immigrants. After all, they've successfully persecuted the native Aborginals for the last two hundred years or so. G'day mate, who's up for a bit of genocide?

It's almost impossible to imagine what African refugees have endured in a country that must be one of the most hostile towards non-caucasians, second only to its spiritual sibling, white South Africa. And the complaint of young African men drinking in parks is a sick joke - ever seen how Australians behave when let loose around the globe, let alone at home? Parts of London are awash with Aussie vomit most nights of the week - and that's just the women.

Learn about the ugly face of modern Australia here.


Richard said...

great u give attention to this KAOS
never knew this without ure post
what is ure connection with australia?

ka-os said...

Thanks - I emigrated to Australia from Ireland when I was 10 with my family, and even as a caucasian was treated as sub-human. My experiences of everyone and everything in that place were largely negative...

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