Mind Your Own Business

They’re at it again. Not content with being victimised by the breeding division of the human population, gays are still turning on each other.

Poor Rodney Chester, who probably thought he did a good job playing Alex in Noah’s Arc (which indeed he did) might well be wondering what he’s done to deserve the constant attacks on his character - and the characters of the other actors in our favourite gay drama (which it is).

Blog Rod 2.0, normally a jolly good read, is one of the many gay blogs which expresses the opinion that actors who play gay characters are bound to declare their true sexuality to the world. The reason for this viewpoint being that if that actor playing a gay character is in reality gay, then therefore it’s his duty, as a gay man, to tell everybody that he’s gay, and take on the responsibility of being a Role Model for gay people. The outrage on the part of militant gays seems to stem from actors in Noah’s Arc refusing to comment on their sexuality, rather than denying that they’re gay (although many would have us believe it amounts to the same thing). In a radio interview to promote the DVD release of season 2 of Noah’s Arc, Rodney Chester responded to a comment about being gay with a perfectly reasonable, “Who said I was gay?” Reasonable, I say, since he himself hasn’t said he’s gay. And if Rodney Chester hasn’t said he’s gay, then it ain’t my business or anyone else’s if he is or not.

Several of the actors in Noah’s Arc have taken this stance, and why shouldn’t they? They’re ACTORS. What goes on in their private lives has no relevance to their work - that‘s why it‘s called private life. Unfortunately, the cult of celebrity has blurred that line, and it’s now received wisdom that people in showbiz aren’t entitled to a private life. As Rod 2.0 puts it, “At best, the sexually ambiguous branding helped attract female fans; at worst it, alienated gay male fans.” Rubbish. If the “sexually ambiguous branding” does alienate a few righteous fags who think it’s their call what an actor does in their private life, whose loss is it? Did they stop watching Oz because Adewale Akinnouye-Agbaje isn’t really Nigerian? Or Silence Of The Lambs because Anthony Hopkins doesn’t really eat people?

Stop worrying about the actors being gay, not being gay, being out, not being out, and just be grateful that they do such a good job - for all of us.


J.W. said...

i read your blog, and u are totaly right! =]

COOKiE said...

I actually had the pleasure of watching the entire first season of "Noah's Arc" on DVD just last week and I am HOOKED!! I love this series and I honestly think that it's better than "Queer As Folk" and surprisingly enough I think it's a genius show. As a gay black man from California I feel that the scenarios portrayed in the show are so dead on - I can relate to so much. With that being said I will say I know for a FACT that a couple of the actors in that show are gay. Two main characters and one extra I have actually had the pleasure of hanging out with before they hit the screen (and of course now they are nowhere to be found), but I do agree with the fact that their sexual orientation is no one's business but theirs. So those few people's business is safe with me. Plus I think that the biggest thing is that now that gays are becoming accustomed to seeing gay orientated shows on television, convincing scenarios at that, of course they wanna know. They wanna put that extra notch in the sexual part of their brain tries to tip-toe across the line between fantasy and reality. Take Justin Timberlake for instance he's fine as FUCK, but let's find out if he's gay or not and his publicity goes haywire - the gays don't care because the fantasy all fucked - the girls dont care for him - and that's just my opinion because there's really no tellin. That Ricky character is fine as fuck and I would do such unmentionable things with that boy and Noah - though a bit camp he's fine as fuck too and the bitch is always FITTED and I'm honestly taking notes from that bitch!!

Ok I'm off of my soap box now... nice article ka-os!!


Tré Xavier said...

You know I'm with you all the way on this way, Babe. Keep spreading that wisdom.

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