Darryl Stephens On Noah's Arc

Darryl Stephens - the buffilicious lushness that is Noah in Noah's Arc - has spoken up about the lack of attention the stealth cancellation of Noah's Arc has received.
Interviewed by Matthew Rettenmund to promote the release of Boy Culture, he said that he felt Noah's Arc had been "largely ignored by the gay media."
Gee, I wonder why? Well, the gay media mostly consists of preening white faggots (and my use of that word is deliberate) whose primary concerns in life are Madonna, designer underwear, tanning salons, Kylie, circuit parties, hair, Madonna, house music... You get the picture. Check out the cover of almost any gay publication and what you'll see is a perfect vision of the "Aryan master race."
There isn't room for Noah's Arc in this beige world of the commercial gay press. The space it might occupy is reserved for ten page features on things like Heath Ledger and why he thinks gay people are cool, or some random pop slapper (let's say Paris Hilton).
In the interview, Darryl diplomatically suggests that this lack of exposure might be due to the fact that Noah's Arc is "kind of fluffy" - that unlike Queer As Folk (that great example of mixed race casting) it didn't feature explicit sex. That never hurt Will & Grace. He goes on to hit the nail on the head: "I'm not sure if that's because... the whole cast is black and they don't see 'gay people' as being interested in black people." Yes, that is the actual reason, Darryl, and don't be afraid to tell it like it is.
The loss of Noah's Arc is important, because in addition to being a damn good show, it offered a different vision of gay life, one that isn't all plastic orange pecs and blond highlights. And if you're 16, black and maybe just realising that you're gay, seeing Noah's Arc must be pretty empowering. Never mind - at least those young black gay teenagers have Will & Grace and Queer Eye For The Straight Guy to look to for role models.
Or not.


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