How You Gonna Act Like That

Last night I had my first ever argument with someone I consider to be one of my closest friends. This person - let's call him "Maxey" - has a friend who I have met only once, an ignorant, racist lil brat if ever there was one (let's call him "Keith").

Whenever "Maxey" mentions "Keith", I, for better or worse, voice my opinion of Keith. Naturally this doesn't go down too well with Maxey, who considers Keith to be a very good friend (uh huh, I do realise how juvenile this sounds, but no one's perfect...)

Now, call me petty, but I was a little put out that Maxey chose to defend racist Keith. Why should I keep my thoughts to myself? Keith is the bad guy here, not me, and quite honestly, I'm irked that Maxey should even entertain such people as friends. Doesn't the fact that Maxey associates with Keith suggest that, in some way, he condones Keith's mentality?

Or am I wrong to keep slagging off [US readers: dissing] one of his friends when I may not be aware of all the facts? Does it matter who his friends are, or just that he is my friend?

Answers on a postcard.


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