Noah's Arc has been cancelled, and no further series are likely to be made.

Fans have been waiting since the conclusion of the second season in 2006 for an announcement about season three.

The news first appeared on Christian Vincent's (a.k.a. Ricky) own myspace blog:

"I have not written a blog in awhile. The first part goes out to all the Noah's
Arc fans. The show will NOT be returning for a third season. I feel glad that we had two seasons which many shows do not even get. The show laid ground work for many other shows that may come after it. Noah's Arc opened a door which I realize from the fans was very liberating. Logo should have an announcement posted as of today. There is a possibility of a feature film of the show. Oh yeah, the other question I am often asked about is the season 2 DVD. It will be out in June."

The decision is staggeringly shortsighted. Noah's Arc is innovative, sexy, funny and a positive representation of gay men in general, and African-American gay men in particular.

In comparison, Queer As Folk ran for five seasons of around 24 forty-five minute episodes each; Noah's Arc clocked up just 16 twenty minute episodes over two seasons. What alternative offering will Logo offer up? You can bet it won't focus on characters who aren't caucasian.


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