THE ENVIRONMENT IS in meltdown, a bird flu pandemic is imminent, and Iraq is, well, it's Iraq.

Not to worry, because in possibly the most exciting event of 2007, FlavaWorks are releasing the ninth edition of Dorm Life.

Shorty J, Breion Diamond, Baby Boy and Storm are back for further thug luv shenanigans.

Last year, CocoDorm was rocked by scandal, with the Chicago Free Press (and various right-on bloggers) alleging exploitive work practices at Flava. It was suggested that the contracts models signed demanded a fixed number of sexual acts - but after being charged for living costs (food, bedding et cetera) models were actually in debt. There was controversy over barebacking (particularly the Raw Thugs trilogy) and the company's white owner, Phillip Bleicher.

Flava subsequently decreed that unprotected sex was a no-no and issued a press release claiming that, far from being a sweatshop hellhole, the Dorm is in fact a sexual paradise where our beloved Cocoboyz live scot-free - with XBox, Playstation and cable to boot!

Maybe the only way to discover the truth of the matter is to go into the Dorm... Now, where do I sign up for Dorm Life X?


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